Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hey all-

Wednesday night here. Sorry I haven't posted this week, it's been crazy as usual. Sunday, Jeff, Dustin and I went on another Pirate run, so they could hunt down limited edition packs. After that, we went to Mcdonald's and got stuff off the dollar menu, and then played a game. It was all crazy cause everyone had new ships with new powers, and new events. I still lost, but I did some real damage.
Monday, I went to several car places to try and get that steering wheel squeak looked at. Most places wouldn't even look at it, but a guy at Jiffy Lube told me that it probably just needed some grease. He reccomended I go to Pep Boys. I went, but they said it would be a two-hour wait! I made an appointment for tuesday. On tuesday, they said they didn't have my appointment scheduled, and I'd still have to wait 2 hours. It was like "all right, let's try this again." This time they told me to come back when they open, so I don't have to wait. "Ok, great", I say. Cut to Wednesday, 8am. "Sure, we have your appointment this time. Have a seat in the waiting area and we'll get right on it." So, naturally, my car sits there for 2 hours. Freaking hilarious right? Anyway, they finally looked at around 10am or so and after like, 2 seconds, the mechanic said- "this just needs some grease". Fortunatley, the greased my wheel and didn't charge me, so the story does have a happy ending after all. I'll definetly be going back there for other car needs, I just wish they were a little more organized.
On tuesday, Jeff, Dustin and I went to Santa Monica so Jeff could get some puzzles for his mom. Sure enough, that trip took 3 hours, thanks to the evening rush hour. We got the KFC 4$ hearty meals for dinner, and played another round of Pirates. Much more of a spiteful game, ending with an argument over who one. Still fun though, I like this game a lot.
Today, I did the car stuff in the morning, and then the maitinence crew finally fixed my wall. Yay! And they did a good job too. Glad to see that 900 a month is going to good use. Finally, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire opens this weekend. I'm a huge Potter fan, and I'll post my full feelings on that and this new movie after I see it. Untill then-



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