Thursday, November 10, 2005

Get Lost

Hey all-

Thursday night here. Just thought I'd throw up another post. So, I thought tonight I'd say a few things about the show Lost on ABC. I got into the show a few months ago, when my friend Jeff lent me the first season DVD. I watched it in 3 days, which is a record for me. The first season is in a word, awesome. It's a great concept, good writing, and a good cast. It's sorta like Gilligan's Island meets The Twilight Zone. The season ends on a really high note, making you want more, only frustrated by the three-month gap in the summer. Well, season 2 is underway, and so far, it's been...underwhelming. We're six episodes in, and it's like they've already run out of gas. Jeff says it's because they're afraid to make anything happen, cause if they do, then they'll be forced to explain some stuff, and then- show over. I have a second theory, which I wanted to put up here.
I think the problem may be with creator J.J. Abrams. Everyone seems to love this guy, like he's a creative genius. Don't get me wrong, I think he's good, but overrated. His problem seems to be that he's good at starting shows, but runs out of ideas quickly. Then, he lets the show sink and starts another one. Look at his past shows: Felicity ran for four years, then he got the idea for Alias, which has been on for five (this is rumored to be the last season) and now Lost, which has been on for not even 2 years but already looks like he's done with it. I really hope he stops messing around and makes this show work, it's got promise and so does he. I may be way off base here- maybe TV execs like to start new shows as much as possible, like fads. It would make more sense to keep a hit show going, so you don't have to keep rebuilding the fan base. But, hey- what do I know? Let me know your thoughts if you watch the show- othwerwise, have a great weekend and I'll post more later.

Love, Andy


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