Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hey all-

Friday night here. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it has been another crazy week. Seems like everything gets super busy around the holidays and there's more stuff to do than you have time.
I did get to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last Monday. I thought it was pretty good. They did a good job for the most part of adapting the book, although there were a few minor details that should've made the film, but nothing to bad. I still want to see The Ice Harvest next week. Supposed to be good--
Then, there's some sad news. Pat Morita has passed away. I love the Karate Kid movies a lot, and it's sad to see him go. Rest in peace, man.
Also, I'd like to note that Alias is being canceled at the end of this season. Boo-yah! I was right. (Insert the Rocky theme here). I'm making a big deal about this, just cause I'm very rarely right and need to celebrate when I am. Killing off Vaughn was like a death rattle for the show. Course, they might have suspected the end and wanted to prepare, so who knows.
Yesterday, I was supposed to go to my aunt's sisters' for Thanksgiving. So, about 1pm I hopped on the 5, and sat in traffic for over an hour. We'd gone barley 20 miles, and I decided to pull the plug on the operation and head home. I later saw on the news that there was an accident, which was most likely the cause for the back up. Ah well, some plans aren't meant to be. I'm going to try to take it easy this weekend, and maybe write some. Hopefully, things will settle a little bit before the rev up for Christmas.
Last but not least, tomorrow, Nov. 26th is my girlfriend and my one year anniversary. Go us! Hopefully we'll be able to work out the distance thing, cause it sucks. Love you, sweetie. Anyway, going to sign off for now. Have a good weekend and happy holidays.

Love, Andy


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