Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Post Halloween...Post

Hey All-

First off- I'd like to apologize for the title. I thought it sounded cool at the time, but the more I look at it, the less clever it gets. The lesson here is that writing isn't as easy as it looks...

It's Wednesday night and I thought I'd throw up another post here. I guess I haven't been doing this as much as I should, but what can you do. Firstly, I finally got to see a new episode of Lost tonight, after a three week dry spell. They promised one more survivor would get the axe tonight, and sure enough, they did. I thought the episode seemed ok, but there seemed to be a lacking energy about the show, which has been plaguing it all season. I think one of the main reasons is having Michelle Rodriguez on the show. She's ok as an actor, but her character is really unlikeable and I'm getting tired of her whining.
I finally saw Jarhead yesterday, and I really liked it. Great film all around. It started kinda slow, but once it started to make its point, it was great. One of the best performances I've seen from Jake Gyllenhaal. Peter Sarsgaard and Jamie Foxx also turned it great performances too. And that's not all- I also saw the anticipated longer King Kong trailer. If possible, I'm now less enthused to see the film than I was before. Say what you will, but Peter Jackson does not do great special effects. There's this shot in the trailer of Kong fighting the T-Rex and it just looks like card-board cut outs against a fake background. I seriously don't get what the hubbub is all about with this guy. The Lord of the Rings movies were OK at best. He's just overrated. And I'll say it again- Jack Black should not be in this movie. He's not right for that part- sorry, Peter, it's true. Black is fine at comedy, but his serious stuff looks goofy.
Also, yesterday I linked to a review of a movie called An American Haunting at Aint It Cool News. I checked out the trailer and the movie looks good- it opens in January. More interestingly, I looked up the story on which it's based, and that's very interesting too. If you're interested, go to and look up The Bell Witch. It's a creepy story, but like all ghost stories, the end results are ultimately inconclusive. One site had a "picture" of the supposed ghost, but it looks like it could be anything- like fog, or mist. Not convincing at all. Still, the movie should be good.
Tomorrow, the city inspector comes by to look at the work the plumbers did, and then, hopefully, this ordeal will be over. Well, I think I'm developing corporal tunnel syndrome, so I'll stop for now. More later-

Love, Andy


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