Sunday, November 06, 2005

"Up in the morning with the rising sun, gonna run all day till the running's done!"

Hey all- It's Sunday. Sorry I haven't written in a while, it has been a crazy week. The maintinence crew has been doing construction work here in the building all week, which has been especially noisy. They've been doing plumbing upgrades, which I guess is important. I've been up at 7:30am almost every day last week, and as some of you know, I'm not a morning person at all. I much prefer night over day. In retrospect, I think I'd make a good vampire. The re-adjusting to mornings was tough, but since it's the weekend, I finally got some sleep. Next week, the guys have to come back and fix my wall, which they put several holes in. Not that I use the wall for much, but it kind of brings down the property value. Also, the city building inspector is supposed to come by next week and look at the jobs they did- he better say they did ok. If they have to do this again...But, they're going to start replacing the windows in all the "units" over the next two months, so I guess it never ends. BTW, just a side note- I hate how they call the apartments units. So impersonal, like I'm just a $900.00 dollar-a-month check.
On a more lighter note, a group of us were going to see Jarhead today, a movie I'm really looking forward to. The plan wound up falling through, cause someone couldn't go. So, I tried to go by myself, and found out that all shows were sold out for the day. Guess I'll have to see it later. I like director Sam Mende's previous films, American Beauty and Road To Perdition, and this movie looks good too. Gotta see something until Harry Potter comes out on the 18th. Also, I got to see new episodes of The Simpsons and Family Guy tonight, which both had some funny stuff in them, but weren't great all the way through. There's also finally a new Lost on this week, so things are sorta calming down a bit. Also, there was a new George Carlin special this weekend, but since I don't get HBO I didn't see it. Guess I'll have to wait for the CD.
Well, this is starting to run long, so I'll sign off for now. Talk to you all later,

Love, Andy


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