Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Holidays

Hey everyone-

It's Thursday night here (Friday morning, really). Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, things have been busy as usual. It seems like the more I get done, the more stuff piles up. Plus I'm still trying to get a job and keep up with my writing.
Anyway, Christmas has come and gone and New Year's is just around the corner. A lot has happened since my last blog (can't believe it's been two weeks- I'll have to keep up on that). On Christmas, I drove down to San Diego, to spend the day with my aunt's sister and her family. It was really a good time, things were pretty quiet and we mostly spent the day just hanging out and talking about stuff, their son Jes and I played some video games and had some good discussions about movies. Also, Ima's brother Neal was there, who I'd never met and he was cool as well. I wound up staying the night Sunday. Monday we went to see King Kong (I've posted some stuff about that movie elsewhere on this blog). It wasn't as bad as I excpected, and the CGI stuff was actually pretty good. I guess the stuff in the trailers weren't done or something. Still, I have to admit my pre-concieved notions weren't right. Sorry, Pete. There were a few little things that stopped me from giving it the "best movie ever" stamp that some critics are tossing around.
Also this month, I saw Chronicles of Narnia which was really good, and today I saw Munich which gets the final "best picture of the year" vote from me. I doubt I'll see a better movie this year, so go Munich. I do think that King Kong will be the movie to beat at the Oscars this year, so that'll be fun to see. Say how good King Kong is if you must, but they still haven't found a better director than Steven Spielberg IMHO. Munich definetly seals the deal. I haven't been that drawn into a film in some time. It's so engaging, bringing up complex stuff like: When do right and wrong no longer matter, and: If you lower yourself to the level of villians, does that still make your work justified even if it's for a good cause? Very cool stuff.
So, I guess I'll be spending new years at home- the weather guys say we should be getting the first of the winter's rain on Saturday night. So, til next time I blog, be safe, stay in touch, and happy holidays.

Love, Andy

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Crash and Burn

Hey all-

Tuesday here. For those of you who read this blog regularly, you'll remember a post I made a while back about Cinderella Man being re-released right before its DVD release date. Now, I believe that was done to bost DVD sales, but I have since been advised that it was done only because the filmakers wanted to remind the folks at the Academy about it for Oscar consideration. I'm of the personal opinion that if your film isn't good enough to be remembered 6 months later, it doesn't deserve any oscars anyway.
So, today I'm looking at movie news and I read an article that said that the film Wedding Crashers (with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson) will be re-released in theatres in early January, on the weekend before its DVD release date. Unless you're going to tell me that Wedding Crashers is trying to get Oscar attention (which is ridiculous), the only explanation is that it's all about boosting DVD sales. I still think this is a really bad idea and here's why. Despite my opinion that a movie only should get one shot at Box Office Gold (it's only fair), what concerns me is that if this trend continues, it's possible that we'll see a massive reduction in new releases over the next few years. So, we could be in a situation where we'll only get new films for part of the year, and the rest of the year will be re-realeses in an attempt to boost box office sales.
As usual, the average American public won't notice- they'll stumble blindly to the theatre as usual, swiping their credit cards at ticket kiosks not caring about what they see, but only looking for a place to sit down where they don't have to think or communicate with their families. I know so far that it's only two movies and two weekends, but it looks like Hollywood execs are testing the waters. I'll post more on this as it happens, hopefully there'll be something that can be done.
Cinderella Man made about 18 mil on its opening weekend, and about 61 mil overall, while Wedding Crashers made 33 mil in its opening weekend and about 209 mil overall (results from So maybe my argument that the studios didn't have faith in these films is wrong, but I think the rest of that still stands. Also, you can see this happening on DVD too, with the re-realising of movies in the guise of various "special editions". Well, that's all I got on this for now, I'll post more later.

Love, Andy

Sunday, December 11, 2005

When it rains it pours

Hey everyone-

Sunday night here. Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, it has been a busy week as usual and I haven't had time. First off, on Tuesday, I had a job interview. It was for Hollywood Video, a place where I worked before from 99-00. Truth be told, I liked that job a lot, but there were a few personal reasons that caused me to leave in October of 2000. My life didn't have a lot of direction at that point. I wasn't really interested in anything, and the future looked very bleak. I was afraid I would be stuck in Midland for my whole life, which is not what I wanted. So, it took a few years, but I'm finally doing what I want (trying to make a living off writing) so it's ok if I have to work at a place like that for now. I haven't heard anything yet about the interview, so I'll call them tomorrow to see what's what.
Yesterday (Saturday) was kind of wierd. I woke up at 7:30am or so (which, for those of you who know me well know I rarely get up that early). I was woken up by a leak in my cieling, which happened to be dripping onto a shopping bag which was causing the noise. I went downstairs to see if anyone was in the office yet (they weren't) but I did see a lone maintence guy and told him about it. He said he'd be by my apartment by 10:30am to look at the leak. So, at 11:00 when the guy wasn't there yet, I went back down to the office and asked where he was. Turns out he was the only maintinece guy there and was working on another apartment, but they said he'd be there as soon as he was done. This didn't turn out to be until about 2:30pm, and he didn't even do anything in my place, but he said the source of the leak was spilled water in the apartment above mine. Whatever he did up there fixed it. Then, later in the evening, I noticed an odd smell had polluted the apartment. I don't know exactly where it came from (but I have some theories). I made a late run to Target for some Fabreeze to counter it. It seemed like it was one thing after another---I did get some sleep today, so things are back to normal.
As for next week, more job hunting and there are a few movies out I want to see, namely Syriana and The Chronicles of Narnia. I'll post more after I hear about the Hollywood Video job. Have a great week-

Love, Andy

Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday night...again

Hey readers-

Hard to believe it's been another week already. Where does the time go? Lots of stuff happened this week. First off, I was sick last Saturday. I think it's because I had a Mcrib sandwich from Mcdonald's the night before, and my stomach didn't like it. BTW, why does Mcdonald's think they can change words by adding the "Mc" prefix? Call it a Rib Sandwich, dammit. What are we, five years old here? So, I spent most of Saturday trying to avoid puking. I took some pepto-bismol and sure enough, I was better by Sunday. Things were slow this week, trying to get a job and working on my latest script.
Jeff came home from Ohmaha on Thursday. Today we were going to take a trip to Amoeba to look for something for Jeff, but his car battery died so instead we wound up going to Pep Boys for a charger thing and then, after picking up Dustin, we went to a few other stores to look for another part that Jeff needed. Not a succesfull mission, but it was still a good time anyway. Hopefully we'll do stuff on Sunday.

Also, I watched the fall finale of Prison Break, an episode where they promised "The escape is coming". Now, I'm thinking to myself, "if they get out, this show will be really lame. They'll have to call it 'We Broke out of Prison and are running around like morons'." But, not to fear, their first escape attempt totally crapped out, and they're back to square one. It's an awesome turn of events, because going into this, the main character had a whole elaborate plan for getting out, and now it's all ruined. He's gotta start over, and we'll see how smart this guy really is. Can't wait for the next episode, but it won't be until March. Oh well, at least 24 will be back on in January. In other sad TV news, The Apprentice has been pulled until after the Winter Olympics. Not a good sign for the show. Damn you Martha Stewart! It's all her fault, I tell ya. Well, that about does it for this week, stay tuned as events develop!

Love, Andy