Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday night...again

Hey readers-

Hard to believe it's been another week already. Where does the time go? Lots of stuff happened this week. First off, I was sick last Saturday. I think it's because I had a Mcrib sandwich from Mcdonald's the night before, and my stomach didn't like it. BTW, why does Mcdonald's think they can change words by adding the "Mc" prefix? Call it a Rib Sandwich, dammit. What are we, five years old here? So, I spent most of Saturday trying to avoid puking. I took some pepto-bismol and sure enough, I was better by Sunday. Things were slow this week, trying to get a job and working on my latest script.
Jeff came home from Ohmaha on Thursday. Today we were going to take a trip to Amoeba to look for something for Jeff, but his car battery died so instead we wound up going to Pep Boys for a charger thing and then, after picking up Dustin, we went to a few other stores to look for another part that Jeff needed. Not a succesfull mission, but it was still a good time anyway. Hopefully we'll do stuff on Sunday.

Also, I watched the fall finale of Prison Break, an episode where they promised "The escape is coming". Now, I'm thinking to myself, "if they get out, this show will be really lame. They'll have to call it 'We Broke out of Prison and are running around like morons'." But, not to fear, their first escape attempt totally crapped out, and they're back to square one. It's an awesome turn of events, because going into this, the main character had a whole elaborate plan for getting out, and now it's all ruined. He's gotta start over, and we'll see how smart this guy really is. Can't wait for the next episode, but it won't be until March. Oh well, at least 24 will be back on in January. In other sad TV news, The Apprentice has been pulled until after the Winter Olympics. Not a good sign for the show. Damn you Martha Stewart! It's all her fault, I tell ya. Well, that about does it for this week, stay tuned as events develop!

Love, Andy


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