Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Holidays

Hey everyone-

It's Thursday night here (Friday morning, really). Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, things have been busy as usual. It seems like the more I get done, the more stuff piles up. Plus I'm still trying to get a job and keep up with my writing.
Anyway, Christmas has come and gone and New Year's is just around the corner. A lot has happened since my last blog (can't believe it's been two weeks- I'll have to keep up on that). On Christmas, I drove down to San Diego, to spend the day with my aunt's sister and her family. It was really a good time, things were pretty quiet and we mostly spent the day just hanging out and talking about stuff, their son Jes and I played some video games and had some good discussions about movies. Also, Ima's brother Neal was there, who I'd never met and he was cool as well. I wound up staying the night Sunday. Monday we went to see King Kong (I've posted some stuff about that movie elsewhere on this blog). It wasn't as bad as I excpected, and the CGI stuff was actually pretty good. I guess the stuff in the trailers weren't done or something. Still, I have to admit my pre-concieved notions weren't right. Sorry, Pete. There were a few little things that stopped me from giving it the "best movie ever" stamp that some critics are tossing around.
Also this month, I saw Chronicles of Narnia which was really good, and today I saw Munich which gets the final "best picture of the year" vote from me. I doubt I'll see a better movie this year, so go Munich. I do think that King Kong will be the movie to beat at the Oscars this year, so that'll be fun to see. Say how good King Kong is if you must, but they still haven't found a better director than Steven Spielberg IMHO. Munich definetly seals the deal. I haven't been that drawn into a film in some time. It's so engaging, bringing up complex stuff like: When do right and wrong no longer matter, and: If you lower yourself to the level of villians, does that still make your work justified even if it's for a good cause? Very cool stuff.
So, I guess I'll be spending new years at home- the weather guys say we should be getting the first of the winter's rain on Saturday night. So, til next time I blog, be safe, stay in touch, and happy holidays.

Love, Andy


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