Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Car In the Shop Is Worth Two In the Bush

Hi everybody!

Tuesday night here, about 10 minutes before Conan. So, wow, this weekend SUCKED. It all started on Friday morning, 9:30 am (begin the 24 style beeping). The construction guys are doing more work in the building, upgrading the plumbing and replacing all the windows. We went through about two months of this sh*t before Christmas and I was kinda hoping it was done. No dice. They came to replace my window on Friday morning.
Meanwhile, I was in the parking lot trying to start my car. The enging just didn't want to turn over. Eventually it worked. I thought maybe it was the battery, so I took it to the place where I got it (a Goodyear mechanics place). They checked it, couldn't find a problem, and told me it was a fluke. Not to worry, they said. So, I went about my buisness and sure enough, the car wouldn't start again later on. So, I took it back and they looked at it again. This time, I'm leaking oil. They said it was leaking from the filter on to the starter, which is why the car wouldn't start. They told me to take it back to the place where I got my oil changed, and they would fix it. The oil folks said that the filter was fine, that it was the oil pan gasket, which needed to be fixed. Back to Goodyear I went. Goodyear said "sure, we'll fix it". It would take all day and cost me 350$, unless they had to take out the engine and then it would be around 700$. I brought it in the next day, and they fixed it, without taking out the engine. It worked out and I'm glad the car works now, but I wish there were some easier way to do this stuff. Well, things move along as always. They should be announcing the Oscar noms next week, so that should be intersting. Hope everyone has a good week and I'll write back later.

Love, Andy

P.S. Sorry again about the tittle. It's tough to come up with these. Peace out.



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