Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Stallone Memorial Home

Hi, all.

Hope everyone's doing well. So, I read an article today that said Sylvester Stallone is planning to direct the next Rocky (part VI) and the next Rambo (part IV). I don't know why, but this news really got me thinking. Seems we have a lot of actors in Hollywood today who are "elderly" and still making action movies like they're in their 20's.
Other guys in the category of senior action heros are Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford. They both have films out soon. Ford with Firewall and Willis with 16 Blocks, due out next month. I'm not sure at what point the dam broke, but I'm starting to suffer overload. Enough already. Guys, stop. Please. You're embarassing yourselves and people only encourage this out of a sort of respectful pity.
And it's going to continue. Ford has been saying that Indiana Jones IV is coming out soon, and Willis has been in and out of Die Hard IV for the last few years. In Entertainment Weekely's review of Firewall, they said something like "Ford's performance is a distant shadow of what he once was." It's sad, but it's an undeniable truth- these guys are just getting too old. We need to get a celeberity retirement home for these guys going. I mean, my childhood is getting chipped away piece by piece here. Nothing's sacred, everything's fair game. Whether it's endless sequels or pointless remakes.
Also, on a side note, I read that Michael Bay is working on Friday the 13th 11. 11! Come on. Jason X was bad, Freddy V. Jason was worse. Please, stop. Generate some new ideas. Although, with the Friday the 13th thing, it'll be cool when they get to part 13. "Friday the 13th, uh, 13!".
Come on, guys. Do like all actors do when they get old: marry someone half your age or go into politics. That's all I had anyways, just thought I'd mention it. Stallone turns 60 this July.

Love, Andy

P.S. Happy Valinetine's Day!
I choo-choo-choose you. And there's a picture of a train.


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