Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Stallone Memorial Home

Hi, all.

Hope everyone's doing well. So, I read an article today that said Sylvester Stallone is planning to direct the next Rocky (part VI) and the next Rambo (part IV). I don't know why, but this news really got me thinking. Seems we have a lot of actors in Hollywood today who are "elderly" and still making action movies like they're in their 20's.
Other guys in the category of senior action heros are Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford. They both have films out soon. Ford with Firewall and Willis with 16 Blocks, due out next month. I'm not sure at what point the dam broke, but I'm starting to suffer overload. Enough already. Guys, stop. Please. You're embarassing yourselves and people only encourage this out of a sort of respectful pity.
And it's going to continue. Ford has been saying that Indiana Jones IV is coming out soon, and Willis has been in and out of Die Hard IV for the last few years. In Entertainment Weekely's review of Firewall, they said something like "Ford's performance is a distant shadow of what he once was." It's sad, but it's an undeniable truth- these guys are just getting too old. We need to get a celeberity retirement home for these guys going. I mean, my childhood is getting chipped away piece by piece here. Nothing's sacred, everything's fair game. Whether it's endless sequels or pointless remakes.
Also, on a side note, I read that Michael Bay is working on Friday the 13th 11. 11! Come on. Jason X was bad, Freddy V. Jason was worse. Please, stop. Generate some new ideas. Although, with the Friday the 13th thing, it'll be cool when they get to part 13. "Friday the 13th, uh, 13!".
Come on, guys. Do like all actors do when they get old: marry someone half your age or go into politics. That's all I had anyways, just thought I'd mention it. Stallone turns 60 this July.

Love, Andy

P.S. Happy Valinetine's Day!
I choo-choo-choose you. And there's a picture of a train.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Hey everyone-

Saturday night here. Sigh...wish I had more of a personal life. Anywhoo, It's time for a new blog. I guess I should start with the car stories...everyone loves those right? So I had a flat. I heard the sssss sound and felt the car start to wobble...that's bad news. I managed to pull off the road to a gas station, where I had to put on the spare. I'm suprised I still remembered how to do it. I haven't done that since Driver's Ed. My dad made sure that each of us kids changed a tire before we got our licenses, so...I guess the system works. Oh, by the way, while I was trying to pull the car off the road, some lady actually honked and pointed at my tire. Like I couldn't tell.
So I went to a Discount Tires and had to get new ones. Some days...
Then I had to go back the next day and have the starter fixed. All in all, not a fun few days for me. Anyway, things are still the same...looking for a job, writing when I can. I hope there's a silver lining around here somewhere, but they're hard to see some times.
In other news, Smallville saw the death of Johnathan Kent (Clark's Dad). It was sad to see him go, John Schnieder was good. Still, there wasn't much for him to do now that Clark is growing up, and like Martha Kent says, "Hearts are only supposed to beat a certain number of times". I kinda liked that. Also, today I rented Corpse Bride which I've been meaning to see for a while. I was really excited to see it...but it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Mostly, it was just too short to really tell a compelling story, and was wrapped up with barely any obsticles. It looked cool, the music was good, but you gotta have a good script.
Well, that's all for now, hope everyone who watches the superbowl enjoys it, and everyone who doesn't...enjoys something else. Have a good week.

Love, Andy

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Car In the Shop Is Worth Two In the Bush

Hi everybody!

Tuesday night here, about 10 minutes before Conan. So, wow, this weekend SUCKED. It all started on Friday morning, 9:30 am (begin the 24 style beeping). The construction guys are doing more work in the building, upgrading the plumbing and replacing all the windows. We went through about two months of this sh*t before Christmas and I was kinda hoping it was done. No dice. They came to replace my window on Friday morning.
Meanwhile, I was in the parking lot trying to start my car. The enging just didn't want to turn over. Eventually it worked. I thought maybe it was the battery, so I took it to the place where I got it (a Goodyear mechanics place). They checked it, couldn't find a problem, and told me it was a fluke. Not to worry, they said. So, I went about my buisness and sure enough, the car wouldn't start again later on. So, I took it back and they looked at it again. This time, I'm leaking oil. They said it was leaking from the filter on to the starter, which is why the car wouldn't start. They told me to take it back to the place where I got my oil changed, and they would fix it. The oil folks said that the filter was fine, that it was the oil pan gasket, which needed to be fixed. Back to Goodyear I went. Goodyear said "sure, we'll fix it". It would take all day and cost me 350$, unless they had to take out the engine and then it would be around 700$. I brought it in the next day, and they fixed it, without taking out the engine. It worked out and I'm glad the car works now, but I wish there were some easier way to do this stuff. Well, things move along as always. They should be announcing the Oscar noms next week, so that should be intersting. Hope everyone has a good week and I'll write back later.

Love, Andy

P.S. Sorry again about the tittle. It's tough to come up with these. Peace out.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Weeknight

Hey All-

Wednesday night here. Life goes on- as usual. BTW, sorry about the title, it's all I could think of. There has been more construction in the building. In addition to more plumbing stuff, they're going around and replacing the windows in all the apartments. On Sunday, Jeff and Dustin came over and we played a game of Pirates. It was a lot of fun. The new expansion set, Pirates of the South China Seas comes out next month. Should be neat.
Also, last night Jeff and Dustin and I attempted to see Scary Movie 4 at a test screening. We didn't make it in, it seemed like a demographics issue. They were only letting in the younger kids, who I imagine were the target audience anyway. I guess this is the company's right, they are showing the movie for free after all. Still, if they only want a specific age group, they should tell you ahead of time. We got free tickets to see something else. Jeff and Dustin went to see Munich, but because of the showtimes, I opted to go home. No matter what else I could've seen, I still would have had to wait for about 2 hours for them to get done, and I didn't want to hang around for that long by myself, especially since we had alread waited an hour for the screening.I wound up watching Lord of War, which is a great film.
And finally, the new season of 24 has started, and it's going to be a good one. Sean Astin is one of the new characters (you may remember him from Goonies and Lord of the Rings). He did a good job in his first episode. There's also a really neat sub story about the president's wife, who thinks there's a conspiracy going on, but no one believes her because she's crazy. Can't wait until next week's episode...
Anyway, that's all I got for now, I'll post more later- have a good week everyone.

Love, Andy

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Worst

Hi all-

Once again, I have been lazy about posting. Apologies to everyone who was waiting for this list. Although, to be honest, this is more of a post about movies that I thought were going to be bad, but haven't actually seen. The thing about crap on a stick is, you can usually smell it from a mile away. This is mostly going off stuff I read from critics or just previews that turned me off. There is one movie at the top of the list that I actually did see, which was terrible. It gets my "worst movie of the year" honor. And that movie is....Domino.
I honestly didn't know what to make of the trailer. It was a bunch of quickly cut images that didn't make a lick of sense but looked vaguely cool. Not to worry, I thought, the whole movie won't be like that. How wrong I was. The movie was one of the most confusing things I have ever sat through. It was like a schizophrenic's nightmare in fast forward. It felt like watching a guy about to bulldoze a school, without realising that kids are still inside. You yell, try to get him to stop, but ultimatley, you watch in horror as you stand there helplessly. In the end, you just feel violated, but you're not sure exaclty what happened. And it's a shame, too. I usually am a fan of director Tony Scott. I liked Man on Fire last year and also Top Gun and Crimson Tide. The guy's kind of hit and miss, I guess.
As for the rest, there are endless remakes to choose from- like Bewitched, the Honeymooners or Dukes of Hazzard or The Fog. Remakes that we didn't need, but the studios knew would make money as opposed to taking a chance on something new. Like with Dukes of Hazzard, the only serious actor in the movie is Sean William Scott and one of the original Dukes wouldn't sign off on it. It just says bad things for the film. Other clues are obvious when studios won't screen some movies for critics before hand (like The Fog).
And of course, what would a "worst of" list be without mentiong Rob Schnider? Ebert's review of Duece Bigelow 2 was one of the funniest reviews I've ever read, and also one of the harshest. I like to think that Schnider sits at home, thinking "In this world of ours, troubled by war, disease, and poor country relations, I wonder how I can continue the Duece Bigelow franchise, as it is clearly what the world needs." How he continues to be allowed to make movies, I'll never know. Well, that's it for this year, I hope next year yeilds better movies, or at least a better ratio of good/bad movies. Well, until next time-

Love, Andy

Sunday, January 01, 2006

On New Year's Day

Hey Hey All-

I promised more new posts, so here you go. It's the first in a Best/Worst of the year series. All the critics are getting their lists out now, so I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and post my stuff too. The first in this group is the Top 5 Best Films of the year. Keep in mind that I didn't get to see as many films as I wanted, they've just gotten too expensive. So, this list is just based on movies I saw.

#5: Hostage
I saw this film early in 2005, during the January/February movie dead zone. At first, this movie seemed like an action cliche- Bruce Willis Vs. bad guys. But, if you peel back the layers, there's some interesting stuff going on. They make you question the hero's motives and still like him all the while. It's a little over the top at times, but it hooks you in right away and keeps you into it until the end. It's definitely worth a look.

#4: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
War of the Worlds almost beat this out for the #4 spot, but I had to go on which movie I enjoyed more while watching. I liked War of the Worlds more after I thought about it, but this excited me more during the screening. I felt like a little kid again right after Lucy goes into Narnia for the first time. This movie worked for me on almost every level, from script, to acting, to direction. Good stuff.

#3: Lord of War
Another surprise. I didn't quite know what to expect from this movie. It's something of a cross between Goodfellas and Fight Club, only about gun running. Nicholas Cage turns in some great work here. The film is a good mix of action and comedy. It also had a surprising moral to the story, about being careful who you become and what you leave behind. Not to mention a really cool opening title sequence.

#2: Batman Begins
This year was full of surprises. I never thought that a summer blockbuster/sequel franchise movie would make my best of list, but here we are. This movie is the best take on the Batman character yet. I've always been of the opinion that becoming the hero is more exciting than being the hero. This movie also has a dark, moody look to it which I like as well. It's one of the best superhero movies around, next to Superman and X2. The sequel should be exciting.

And the winner is:

#1 Munich
Steven Spielberg is awesome. No question about it. He's had two hits this year, with War of the Worlds. This film is different, unlike any Spielberg movie before. It's also dark and moody, delving into morality and whether or not revenge can ever be justified. This is possibly the best film I've seen so far this decade. I was so hooked into the story, and I know I'll be seeing this again on DVD.

There you go. There were some runners up, like War of the Worlds, Star Wars III, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. There were also some others I didn't get to see, and some that were in the middle for me, like Fantastic Four or King Kong. I'll be back in a few days posting more of this stuff, we've still got The Worst, DVDs, and TV stuff to cover. Stay tuned-

Love, Andy

Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Holidays

Hey everyone-

It's Thursday night here (Friday morning, really). Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, things have been busy as usual. It seems like the more I get done, the more stuff piles up. Plus I'm still trying to get a job and keep up with my writing.
Anyway, Christmas has come and gone and New Year's is just around the corner. A lot has happened since my last blog (can't believe it's been two weeks- I'll have to keep up on that). On Christmas, I drove down to San Diego, to spend the day with my aunt's sister and her family. It was really a good time, things were pretty quiet and we mostly spent the day just hanging out and talking about stuff, their son Jes and I played some video games and had some good discussions about movies. Also, Ima's brother Neal was there, who I'd never met and he was cool as well. I wound up staying the night Sunday. Monday we went to see King Kong (I've posted some stuff about that movie elsewhere on this blog). It wasn't as bad as I excpected, and the CGI stuff was actually pretty good. I guess the stuff in the trailers weren't done or something. Still, I have to admit my pre-concieved notions weren't right. Sorry, Pete. There were a few little things that stopped me from giving it the "best movie ever" stamp that some critics are tossing around.
Also this month, I saw Chronicles of Narnia which was really good, and today I saw Munich which gets the final "best picture of the year" vote from me. I doubt I'll see a better movie this year, so go Munich. I do think that King Kong will be the movie to beat at the Oscars this year, so that'll be fun to see. Say how good King Kong is if you must, but they still haven't found a better director than Steven Spielberg IMHO. Munich definetly seals the deal. I haven't been that drawn into a film in some time. It's so engaging, bringing up complex stuff like: When do right and wrong no longer matter, and: If you lower yourself to the level of villians, does that still make your work justified even if it's for a good cause? Very cool stuff.
So, I guess I'll be spending new years at home- the weather guys say we should be getting the first of the winter's rain on Saturday night. So, til next time I blog, be safe, stay in touch, and happy holidays.

Love, Andy